Happy birthday!

Technically it was only Sunnie’s one month birthday, but we decided that we would combine them. We couldn’t go overboard with a goat cake, or anything,  since they still only drink out of their bottles and eat dirt.   So, we got them the next best thing…

A new toy!

While we have learned that a goats favorite toy is their family, we were trying to figure out some good alternatives to sitting in our lap or jumping on our legs and backs. Because, while these activities are fun, they have their downside (check out the blog from —)

We tracked down some old electrical wire spools, which looked like a lot of fun for the babies, and took a road trip in “Old White Van” (appropriately named since it is an old white cargo van).  As an aside, if you ever drive pass me while I’m driving “Old White Van”, rest assured that I know I look VERY hip! (Is the word “hip” even hip anymore?)

When Grammie and I got back to the house and set them up, the real party started!  The babies were so excited to have a new toy to climb on.. Poppy, the barn cat, even got in on the action!

We took some pictures from the party, and I hope you enjoy them!  I’m thinking for their one year birthday we should have a BIG PARTY….. thoughts?

Maggie and Poppycat. We are so glad they are friends!!

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