Growing up

Bean is the oldest of the Picalily (2 legged) kids. She  turned seven last week.  Since Bean was 3 or 4, she has said that she wants to be a vet. There are always additions or variations to this, but always a vet. As her parents, we’ve enjoyed fostering this desire.

When we decided to buy Picalily Farm we sat down with all three kids and discussed the need for them to increase their chore list, and their responsibilities. This conversation was heavily directed to Bean, since she was the oldest.

Every morning, Bean is the first one up. She sleeps in a room with Poppy (her sister) so she quietly creeps out of the room and meets us down stairs. If nobody is up yet she fixes her cereal and starts her day. Most days, one of us is up, getting ready to let the chickens out, and feed the goats. Today it was me.

As we headed outside, Bean looked at me and asked: “Mom do you mind if I do the chickens by myself?”   “Sure, go ahead”  “will you watch me to make sure I do it right?” “Sure” I said..

Then, we went over the quick checklist of what to do, and she went on her way.

Can you see the girl in the little blue coat?

Now, this isn’t anything new. She has spent HOURS with the chickens by herself. She has opened them with us MANY times. But what brings joy to me is that she is CHOOSING to be responsible. Of course I don’t live in a fairy tale where this would last all day, or even all morning. What is important to me, is that she is making a choice first thing in the morning, to be a responsible member of this family. Without asking, without prompting, without reward from me. It’s a good way for her to start the day. Heck, it’s a good way for all of us to start the day.

When she was done I didn’t boast about her, or fawn all over her deeds. I simply said “good job, now lets go do the goats”.

Oh, and let me grab a quick picture…

And since there will never be photographic evidence, just know that on the other end of that camera is a big smile on her momma (who doesn’t look nearly as cute first thing in the morning).

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