Miniature Herefords


Sire Bull, NC 2018 Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Bull (frame score 0)


NC 2018 Grand Champion Miniature Hereford Heifer (frame score 00)

We are often asked, why Miniature Herefords?

  1. They are so cute! Right?!!
  2. They are very docile. With three kids, and now countless farmschool students and friends, we need to ensure that we have a docile breed in our pasture.
  3. Low pasture needs when compared to their full size relatives. We are on limited acreage, and therefore want to ensure that we are only keeping animals that thrive in the home we can provide.
  4. The beef is AMAZING! Lean, and excellent flavor.
  5. Herefords are known for being tolerant of our weather conditions in NC.
  6. GREAT mommas! Another Hereford trait. They are breed and calve easily. Once they calve, they are amazing mommas to their little ones.
  7. Did I mention they are cute? They are so fuzzy in the winter, and have great hair!
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