Getting work done

Although when we bought Picalily Farm there was so much already done, that didn’t stop us from quickly making a “Honey-Do” List!

Since Hubby works 5 days a week and we are busy with school Monday through Friday, our weekends are full of house and farm projects.

This weekends project was to start on our rain collection system for the barns.

We purchased two 200+gallons tanks that we will use as rain barrels. The rain collected will be used to water the garden and wash various things around the farm.

For this project, Hubby needs to install gutter systems on the barn then funnel them into these rain barrels. He will also have to figure out a hose system. Easy, right? No. And this job is made even more difficult when you add in 3 curious and “helpful” kids as well as 2 curious and mischievous kid goats and a stubborn barn cat!









Sunnie and Maggie were exploring Hubby’s workspace.

Poppy doesn’t mind chipping in on doing chores around the yard!

Oh, Hubby are you trying to clean up? You’ll have to wait for the 2 kids, 2 goats and the cat to get away from the tractor first.  Good Luck.

Although some days chores can take twice or three times as long as they should. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Oh, and see those spools in the pasture?  I’ll tell you about those tomorrow!

Hint: Happy 1 month birthday Goats!

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