Farm Stand

Picalily Farmstand was established in the Summer 2019 by the Picalily kids.


1/3 of profits donated to the local church
1/3 of our profits go back into the farm to produce more goods
1/3 of our profits go to the Picalily kids

We operate on an honor system and accept cash or Venmo payments.

Products available depend on season/availability.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our current selection of veggies as well as other pricing information.

” I got a mixed dozen or as my son calls them “exotic” and they are absolutely AMAZING”


4 thoughts on “Farm Stand”

  1. Paul and Dee Creek

    We live right down the road. We saw your stand on our way to the grocery store to by Eggs and decided to purchase from you instead. The eggs were wonderful. I grew up with chickens and missed the fresh eggs. Now I will be purchasing all my eggs from your stand. Look forward to trying your other items offered.

  2. Yes I’ve been trying to buy me a cow. Can you give me the prices please? What kind of vegetables do you have?

  3. Good morning. Do you all slaughter the cows or do I purchase them while they are alive. I’m trying to find some beef for the winter.

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