Our first babies on the farm (if you don’t count chickens).  We decided one day that we really wanted goats, so… we did! The first goats we brought home were SUNFLOWER and MAGNOLIA.  They were Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats and were about 3 weeks old when we brought them home. They were not litter mates but they definitely acted like sisters.  

Unfortunately, we lost Sunny a few years ago. But that opened us up to add a few adorable Nubians to our dairy goat herd.

Meet Lemongrass and Dahlia

Our herd continued to grow as we add a buck and weather to our crew: Alfalfa and Buckwheat

In the past few years Alfalfa and his herd have grown with the addition of several babies. If you are interested in any pure bred Nigerian Dwarf goats or Miniature Nubians, please check out our Available Now page.

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