Rain, rain go away

I don’t know how it is where you live, but in North Carolina it’s been raining for about a year straight! It stopped raining for a month, or so, in the beginning of last summer (ya know, right when my new plants needed rain, so I had to water an acre of garden every day).Continue reading “Rain, rain go away”

Busy winter

Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun! After a busy year, I went into winter thinking it would be a great time for relaxation, reading, and planning for spring. Now, as we head into February, there was been no relaxing, I did finish one book, but I’ve barely started my spring planning.Continue reading “Busy winter”

Happy Birthday PawPaw

The heart of Picalily Farm is family. So, on Tuesday, to celebrate the birthday of our father-PawPaw (who passed away last year) we decided to all wear his favorite shirts, and have a family day.  My brother, also known as Funcle (Fun Uncle) came from Knoxville to join us for a couple days. Funcle hadn’tContinue reading “Happy Birthday PawPaw”

Rain Collection #1

In an effort to be good stewards of our resources, and to keep our water bill low :), we decided that when we moved in, we would install some rain barrels.  After experiencing big rain storms here, we decided that the old-school “turn a trash can into a barrel” wasn’t going to cut it.  WeContinue reading “Rain Collection #1”

Growing up

Bean is the oldest of the Picalily (2 legged) kids. She  turned seven last week.  Since Bean was 3 or 4, she has said that she wants to be a vet. There are always additions or variations to this, but always a vet. As her parents, we’ve enjoyed fostering this desire. When we decided toContinue reading “Growing up”

Welcome to Picalily Farm

Today is the start of a great new adventure because our best days are ahead.

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