Life is an adventure

  • Welcome to Picalily Farm

    Today is the start of a great new adventure because our best days are ahead.

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  • As much as I love when our garden is in full swing, with the flowers in bloom and daily vegetable harvests, winter might be my favorite time on the farm. You see, I’m a planner. I love spreadsheets and checklists. I love researching and drawing up plans. Now, while it might not be “officially” winter, …

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  • Tattoo day

    The long awaited day is finally here. After a pep talk from a goat-veteran at work, and watching multiple you-tube videos, I finally felt ready to tattoo the goats. I’m very blessed to have friends at work that love my goats, and happily volunteered to come down and help. I needed their physical and moral …

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  • Fair prep

    The NC State Fair starts tomorrow here in Raleigh, NC. For so many around our state it means deep-fried everything, rides and music. For a select group of kids, and their ever-supporting parents, it’s means the culmination of a lot of hard work. Last year, we were incredibly blessed to have to opportunity to be …

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  • Happy Birthday PawPaw

    The heart of Picalily Farm is family. So, on Tuesday, to celebrate the birthday of our father-PawPaw (who passed away last year) we decided to all wear his favorite shirts, and have a family day.  My brother, also known as Funcle (Fun Uncle) came from Knoxville to join us for a couple days. Funcle hadn’t …

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  • Rain Collection #1

    In an effort to be good stewards of our resources, and to keep our water bill low :), we decided that when we moved in, we would install some rain barrels.  After experiencing big rain storms here, we decided that the old-school “turn a trash can into a barrel” wasn’t going to cut it.  We …

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  • Goat checkup

    After picking up the goats we quickly realized we needed to find a livestock vet for our growing family. After doing some searching, and a recommendation from a trusted friend, we decided to check out Willow Run Vet Hospital in Smithfield. From the minute we made the appointment, Bean was so excited to take the …

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  • Growing up

    Bean is the oldest of the Picalily (2 legged) kids. She  turned seven last week.  Since Bean was 3 or 4, she has said that she wants to be a vet. There are always additions or variations to this, but always a vet. As her parents, we’ve enjoyed fostering this desire. When we decided to …

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  • Happy birthday!

    Technically it was only Sunnie’s one month birthday, but we decided that we would combine them. We couldn’t go overboard with a goat cake, or anything,  since they still only drink out of their bottles and eat dirt.   So, we got them the next best thing… A new toy! While we have learned that …

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  • Getting work done

    Although when we bought Picalily Farm there was so much already done, that didn’t stop us from quickly making a “Honey-Do” List! Since Hubby works 5 days a week and we are busy with school Monday through Friday, our weekends are full of house and farm projects. This weekends project was to start on our …

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  • Little beauties

    I heard once that if you listen close enough, and you open your eyes to the world around you, God will use those moments to show you his beauty. I’m finding, that my walk out to the chicken coop in the mornings, is a great time for my heart and head to be at peace, …

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