Another weekend, another project

We haven’t had many beautiful weekends this year. I don’t know about where you live, but in NC it has rained.

A lot.

I talked about our need for putting in ( a rather emergent) sump pump in my last post due to our standing water.

Well this weekend it was b.e.a.utiful! (In the words of Jim Carey)

So we did, as I’m sure most North Carolinians did, we stayed outside ALL WEEKEND!

  • We completed the rabbits new (well improved) hutch, painted it, and moved her in. The baby chicks she had been living with miss their “mom”, but she is happy to be back outside.
Happy Cottontail
  • We (hubby) cleaned out the bachelor pad pasture and stall. Scooping about 5 tons of old hay, poop and mud. Go hubby!! Our compost pile has definitely grown.
  • Mom, the kids and I made 10 new raised garden boxes out of cedar fence pickets. I think it took less time to make them, then it took to decide on a garden design. Hubby just kept shaking his head and laughing at us (but we weren’t the ones stuck scooping poop)

Bean was such a great helper
  • Since we have had a short stretch of dry weather we are thinking we might be able to plow the garden soon, so we let the boys roam around and eat until they could barely move.

  • The kids started clean up around the pond. Although, they think they were just collecting sticks for a fire. We didn’t dare tell them they were cleaning!!

On top of all of this, the chickens are enjoying the weather and gave us a record 20 eggs in one day. And, Gertie gave us triple the amount of milk she had been producing. Overall, a very blessed and productive weekend with the family.

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