Rain, rain go away

I don’t know how it is where you live, but in North Carolina it’s been raining for about a year straight! It stopped raining for a month, or so, in the beginning of last summer (ya know, right when my new plants needed rain, so I had to water an acre of garden every day). But then, it started back up again, eventually causing rampant rot and mud everywhere.

Those of us from the North, were hoping that this would mean lots of snow this winter… Nope. Just more rain.

So we have learned to deal with the repercussions of all this extra water.

  • We’ve made some adaptations with the animals, to try to keep them dry and fed.
  • We are using the greenhouse to start our spring plantings, since we can’t get into the field
  • We had added rock to common walk ways

However, this week we discovered a new consequence to mother nature’s outpouring.. over 300 gallons of water sitting under our new addition! The French drain we had installed during the building process was quickly rendered useless when the landscaper drove over it. A useless drain, in addition to a water table that’s now about 6 inches below the ground means big problems.

So during our 3 day hiatus of rain, we spent our days (and nights) installing a new sump pump in the yard.

We are covered in mud.

We are tired.

Our backs are screaming from shoveling pounds of mud.

But we have completed one more project to improve the farm.  The kids have helped us work, even when the fun is gone.

And now, it has started raining again.

After completing our animals chores this morning, I decided to do a lap around the yard to check out some plants, before heading to the greenhouse.

Roses bushes- leaves are starting to grow.

Apple trees- maybe some buds are starting

Elderberry bushes- leaves are starting to grow

Then I came upon our peach trees…

Thank you God for these little beauties today. Thank you for the promise of new life after the rain. Thank you for a little glimpse of spring as we trudge through these last weeks of winter.

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