Busy winter

Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun! After a busy year, I went into winter thinking it would be a great time for relaxation, reading, and planning for spring. Now, as we head into February, there was been no relaxing, I did finish one book, but I’ve barely started my spring planning.

Up until the last few weeks, we were short staffed at work, which meant I was picking up a bunch of OT to help out. While, that is good for the bank account, it’s not so good for my sleep and farm life. Anytime spent at home not sleeping, was spent doing school with the kiddos. So all of that relaxing and reading I had planned on doing went right out the window!

Winter, was also when we were going to start some of our building projects that needed to be done. A farm sign, new rabbit hutch, tables for the greenhouse, chicken coop for Bean’s Polish chickens, and raised garden boxes. We are 0 for 5 so far!

So other than working what have we been doing with our time? Well, let’s see..

The kids finished raising a friends 4h project reject. Our friends received 4 turkey’s to raise over the summer and show at the State Fair. 2 turkeys were taken to the show and left there. Our friends kept one for Thanksgiving dinner, and they gifted us with ‘Turk-Turk’ for Christmas dinner. This was such a great experience for the kids. They learned a lot about raising turkeys and then processing them.

We enlisted our awesome vet to come check out Gertie for a pregnancy check. We got the exciting news that she was in fact pregnant!! The bull was a mini jersey, so she doesn’t look very big, but we are expecting our new mid sized Jersey in March!!

Wintertime, with its cold weather, also made us realize we didn’t have enough space in our garage for all our winter gear! So we took on an organization project and tackled our garage wall. It’s been finished for about a month now and it’s awesome!! Fits all our gloves, hats, coats and overalls! We also built a great boot cubby to keep our garage floor clean.

That’s a lot of boots!

Luckily, our family had stayed healthy thus far, but we can’t say the same for our animals.

Sunni is still struggling with her pseudo-pregnancy. Her personality has changed A LOT, so after 3 months we decided to treat her with Lutalyse. We had to give her 2 doses, and still haven’t seen any results yet… poor girl.

Our oldest chicken, Mazie, developed some sudden lethargy, so she was quarantined in our ICU for a little while. After a week, and some dewormer, she’s back with her tribe.

And our most rewarding project…

Our favorite chicken, Ace, was broody for over a month and then decided she was DONE. When she got up, she had 26 eggs under her. We quickly swooped in and candled the eggs. The kids had to look for clues, figure out how “far along” they were and then calculate their due date. Each egg that we deemed fertilized was marked with its due date and placed in our incubator. We had some due very soon, and some not due until Feb 12th! When the first one hatched, we couldn’t believe it! Now we have 6 baby chicks and many more eggs still incubating. We haven’t decided how to transition them in with the free rangers, but I’m sure the kids will come up with something by spring.

Speaking of spring, I have ordered most of our seeds for the season and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. We are thinking of changing things up a bit this year- a mix of raised beds and regular garden. We are hoping this will help with weed and free-range chicken control.

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