Pseudo what?

A few months ago we started to prepare our goats for breeding. We have a family friend that has a nice stud buck for us to bring our girls to, but we needed to make sure they were in optimal condition.

Maggie was having another episode of dry skin and “fish tail” so we decided to try copper bolusing her. Since we were doing one, we decided they both would benefit. Along with the copper boluses, they got their nails done!

You may notice that Sunni looks a little different. At first we didn’t think much of it, but the next day her udders were more swollen.

A friend of ours was coming over to drop of our new turkey and she also noticed Sunni’s swollen udder.

“Do goats go through pseudo-pregnancy like dogs do?” She asked.


That night, we searched the web for goat pseudo pregnancy. Yes, in fact, she IS pseudo pregnant.

Well how long could that last? We thought. We could probably still try to breed her.


A pseudo pregnancy lasts the length of a real pregnancy and she will even go through the motions of delivery. Poor girl!

So, now her hormones and actions are making it difficult to figure out when Maggie is even in heat! Ugh!

Why did we think this was going to be easy??

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