We love ice cream

We love ice cream, and milk, and cheese, and butter…. So, logically, we bought a cow.  Well….. a heifer.


If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would have said a heifer was an angry cow.

Not true.

Or maybe a heifer was an overweight cow. Also, not true.

A heifer is a female cattle that has not had a baby yet. Once she has a baby, she’s a cow, and will stay a cow forever.

Ok, now that we have our terminology straight, we bought a heifer, a girl that hasn’t had a baby.. yet.

We had “always” (you know, the past year or so since that’s when all this madness started) said we wanted to have a “milk cow”, but since we are new at all of this we wanted a COW. Why? Because we wanted our bovine to be more experienced in the birthing process than we are! Good idea, right? We also thought we would want to stay in the miniature size, for milk production and manageability. Besides, our whole farm is mini!

Well, as I have discussed before, ours plans frequently change, and that’s ok!

We fell in love with a beautiful full-size Jersey heifer while searching for our miniature Jersey cow. And since Hubby was driving all the way to Georgia, from North Carolina, to pick up our full- size Jersey heifer, we decided to pick up a pasture pal for Houston too!  Pasture pal? Exactly. Cattle don’t like to be alone.  Since the girls are close to the age of coming into heat, we’ve had to separate them.  Now, Houston has a friend, a Jersey steer.

Meet our new babies…..

Gertrude and PaulE

Gertrude is 18 months and PaulE is about 8 months.

She looks much bigger, right? That’s because she’s PREGNANT!!! By a mini jersey!!!!

Around early March Gertrude (aka Gertie) will be a cow. And until then, we are praying for a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Speaking of pregnancy, does Hazel look a little “round” to you??

She and Houston lived together, a little past the time they should have, and  had some overnights together at the fair, so I think we will be buying a pregnancy test for her. Yikes!!

BTW, I can’t wait to tell you all about the fair, but I’ll save that for another post! If you follow us on Instagram you already know how it ended.

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