Crazy week ahead

Six months ago, when we brought the Minis home we knew we wanted to show them. We started halter training, we have walked them, washed them, and worked hard on getting them ready.

We signed up for 3 shows this fall to get our feet wet, and feel comfortable. Then, fall happened. Which, in North Carolina, means hurricane season.

All three of the shows we had planned on, got cancelled.

So now, here we are, the week of our state fair and the nerves are definitely setting in.

We are not professional show people, but we take the care of our animals seriously, and are proud to show them off. So, in order to get them “show ready” we had to ask for help!

Bean used to be a part of a great group of 4Hers called “The Dirt Club”. Among many things, they showed Belted Galloway cattle. The group had teenagers all the way down to 5 years olds (Bean was one of the youngest). The next year, 2017, the group broke up, but many of the connections we made that year have stayed.

So, of course, this year, when we were looking for help, we knew right where we could turn, our Dirt Club family.

And now that they are trimmed and ready, it’s time to get ourselves in order. Any tips for getting ready, or what to bring? We are all ears!!

Or better yet, if you have nothing going on this week and want to hang/help me out, come on down to the fair!

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