When we plan, God laughs (or at least the neighbors do)

We are coming up on show season for the cows, and the amount of work that needs to be done seems to be increasing by the day. So, after a busy Saturday full of family activities, we decided that we would plan for major work to be done today. Here’s was our plan:

  • Wake up early
  • Get the animals fed and stalls cleaned
  • Get dressed and off to church by 8:30
  • Come home, get in work clothes, prime the trailer
  • Re spray the front trees
  • Prep the fruit trees

And then of course, our plans changed.

Here’s how our day actually has started…

  • Wake up early.. CHECK!
  • Get the animals fed…CHECK! Oh wait, why aren’t the cows running into the paddock for their grain? Are they far out in the field and didn’t hear me? No. Are they asleep in the stall? No. Uh oh.

They escaped.

I run to go tell Hubby that the cows have escaped, pull Buddy out of the goats pen to “babysit” (aka calm down his sisters) while we hunt for the cows. Hubby was on the tractor, Mom and I were in the truck with grain and halters. We looked in all of the neighboring soy bean fields… no cows. Hubby looked in the field across from the house… no cows, no cow poop. Where could they be? After looking for a while and deciding we should probably tell the police that there are some cows wondering around we drove into the neighborhood up the street. It was a long shot but we started to joke about the cows being in people yards or swimming in their pools. And as we turned a corner, we saw them. Hanging out in someone front yard. It took us about 30 minutes, a bucket of grain, and a sleeve of alfalfa to get them in the trailer but we finally did it. (We never met the people who’s yard they were in, but a few walkers and a bike rider got an early morning chuckle and show)

Hubby quickly fixed the fence, so we put them back in the front pasture. They immediately came over to apologize for their escapades.

As I laughed with Hubby about the morning and we discussed making it to a later church service, we looked out the barn door.

And what did we see?

See that pen in the back? That’s where she is SUPPOSED to be. Somehow she also escaped, got out of her pen, out of the border fence, and into the middle yard.

She is now safe in a stall while we brainstorm our next plans for her. She has escaped a few times already.

Now I’m going to sit and enjoy a BIG, strong cup of coffee.

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