Summer Updates

Ok so life got away from me a bit… I found this non published post in my draft folder this morning. So close you eyes and pretend you are back in July for a minute… are you there? Ok, now you can read. And when your done don’t forget to close your eyes and come back to reality!!

July 2018:

A few months ago we had a dining full of baby chicks, a pasture of baby cows and a garden of empty rows.

…Fast forward 3 months…

We have NINETEEN 3 month old chickens. A surprising number of them are roosters and make some impressive (and not so impressive) crows. We have not made their permanent home yet so they have all taken over a stall in the barn. Every morning and evening they roam freely in the pastures chasing bugs, and in the heat of the day they, along with every other animal at Picalily Farm, can be found hanging out in their stall under their fan.

Our baby cows are still babies, except that Houston has turned one! And Hazels birthday is next month. They are getting haltered and walked as much as we can but there is still a lot of room for improvement!! Hazel has proved to be the most calm and well mannered so far.

…and this was the end of my thoughts in July. I’m going to guess that there was so much more to add but I was pulled away from the computer by someone or something. So here is a mini updates since then.

Yes, we had a lot of roosters. Initially we thought we would just get rid of them but we really liked them. So we headed over to a local farm and picked up 13 new ladies to balance out our flock.

Meet the ladies:

They have settled in nicely, but oddly refuse to sleep in the coop.

We have still been working with the cows on walking and baths, but it is still VERY MUCH a work in progress.

I think that catches us up to today, which has been its own adventure. Check out the next post for today’s adventure. And don’t forget to follow @picalilyfarm on Instagram for our daily goings-on!

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