While you were sleeping

Please say you remember this classic from 1995?!?! For those of you that were too young, or just have really horrible taste in movies and didn’t see “While you were sleeping” it’s a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. Sandra’s character fakes a relationship with a guy in a coma and while he’s “sleeping” she falls in love with his family and his brother. (I just realized that this may have laid the groundwork for my future love and obsession with Hallmark shows-far fetched stories about love…)

What was my point? Oh yeah,

23 years after the movie, I am living the concept, that a lot can happen in life while I’m sleeping.

I have been a night shift worker for over 10 years. For a couple days a week, every week or two, while most of the world is up living life, I’m sleeping soundly in my bed. Prior to kids this was wonderful. I’m an introvert, so I would do all my shopping and traveling at night when there were less people around. Then came kids. They don’t follow a nocturnal schedule, but we still managed life fine and nocturnal work life worked best for my work:life balance. Then, comes the Farm. With the Farm comes a lot of activity. Now all of a sudden a lot is happening while I’m sleeping. Here is a glimpse of my most recent surprises when I awoke in the afternoon…

Chicks were born, and died…

I looked out the window one afternoon when I woke up and there were cows in my backyard…

Most recently, I walked out to find our herb garden with the posts dug and sitting in concrete.

What has happened most while I’m sleeping?

My kids are growing up.

Am I sad about all of the changes that are happening while I’m snoozing? You would think so, but NO. One, I realllllly love sleep. Two, the work has to get done AND I need to have a job, and sometimes the two just have to overlap. But mostly, our farm is a family farm. I love that each member of our family not only has a vested responsibility, but also a love for being a part of its growth.

So life will continue happening, and I will continue sleeping. Besides, waking up to new livestock in the yard is what dreams are made of… right?

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