YouTube farmers

I have never been a YouTube junky. I use it for homeschooling, because I can find videos of people singing silly preschool and learning songs that I don’t want to sing, but that’s been all I use it for. That was until we bought the farm.

Hubby watches YouTube or buys books anytime we wants to build or fix something. So it seemed completely appropriate that, when we started wanting (which quickly devolves into purchasing and bringing home) animals that none of us have ever had, we would look stuff up on YouTube.

For example, after we got the goats, and I got the grand idea to show them at the biggest livestock showing competition our state offers: The State Fair, I looked up how to show goats on YouTube. Side note: one would have thought I would have noticed everyone was wearing all white and saved my family some embarrassment… but I didn’t.

Then, when we needed to tattoo the goats, where did I turn for guidance? A trusted colleague who raises goats, NO! YouTube of course!!

So needless to say, I have been watching more YouTube lately, because it’s time to clip the girls nails. Now, I have seen a live demonstration, but that’s goats toenails were WAY overgrown, so it didn’t help much. I was pretty nervous. Have you ever clipped a dogs toenails? My dogs have black nails and I’m always worried about making them bleed. I’m here to tell you, I have the same fear about my goats. So even though I didn’t have any quick-clot handy, I dove right in and started cutting! I was cautious, and don’t feel like I did much. But, the goats are happy and now I can watch more videos and compare my work…

By the way, we finished Cottontails outdoor cage today and stood back and marveled at how spoiled our animals are…

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