The “Demasculinator”

Poor Colby Jack. 8 Days ago he had never been on a trailer, barely ever haltered, and had lived in the same place his entire life.  Then we showed up.

8 days ago, he took his first trailer ride from Zebulon to Picalily Farm.

He met his 2 new best friends ( and room mates) : Maggie and Sunnie.

He was introduced to goat food, then quickly told that he was never to eat it!

He was introduced to alfalfa, then quickly told he was never to eat it!

He now has to wear a halter, every day.

And today, he got his first vaccinations, was sedated for the first time, and then was castrated.

Sorry buddy, I promise it’ll get better from here on.

So why after 2.5 years of life did we decide to castrate him? First, it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do for any animal you DON’T want to reproduce. Second, for safety.  Although he has never shown ANY signs of aggression, we will have hormonal goats and cows (woohoo) around the farm and the less testosterone, the better.

After a great check up, we got him minimally sedated.  Once he was eased to the ground, he received some Valium and Ketamine, and went to sleep.  Hubby and I couldn’t stop talking about the differences between animal medicine and people medicine.  Some days, I definitely think I picked the wrong one…

Next, Colby got his vaccinations, and then it was time to tie him down.

Is there anything more pathetic than a mini donkey, with his head on a pillow, and covered with a fleece blanket? I would say not.

After a good cleaning, he was cut open and the vet got out the “demasculinator”.  Can you tell I love the name of it?! I cracked up laughing when she told me.  Hubby says it was named by a woman. Basically, it is a very large, clamp to stop the blood flow while she cuts.

Bean was intently watching the whole procedure, learning for the future!

After the procedure came the pitiful part.  While he was waking up, he would occasionally groan this pathetic sound, and it was heartbreaking!! Once he came to enough, he was allowed to stand up.  However, he still couldn’t hold his head up, so there we stood, for about 15 minutes, holding up his BIG head and loving on him.

Have you ever seen the videos that parents take when their kids have had their wisdom teeth out and they are non-sensical and hilarious?  That was all I could think of while he was standing there, swaying side to side, moaning and braying.  Eventually he got his sea legs, and we gently walked him to the paddock where he will stay for the day.  He is being bribed with alfalfa and carrots today.  Lets hope for no bleeding!

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