Gratefulness, thanks and Colby Jack

Well this year started with our family in a 1200 sq ft house in the City of Raleigh. We had two dogs, three kids and two adults living in a smallish home on an even smaller lot. We were blessed beyond what we deserved.

Fast forward 364 days….

We are now sitting at Picalily Farm and

“We” consists of…

3 Adults

3 kids

3 dogs

2 cats

8 chickens

2 goats

And now our newest member…

1 mini donkey.. Colby Jack! (Get it, he’s a boy donkey… a jack… and we like cheese.)

I don’t particularly love New Years Eve. I’m not a partier. I rarely make resolutions, and the ones I make, I rarely keep. And although I work night shift, when I’m not working, I don’t want to still be up at midnight.

But this year I can’t help but be sentimental and reflect on our countless, undeserved blessings.

Our family is healthy and happy.

We are warm, safe and loved.

We have a wonderful church, fantastic friends and are settling in nicely in our new community.

As I reflect on all of my blessings I can’t help but think of those not as lucky. We were graced with the Children of the World choir today at church. The 14 children were from Nepal, the Philippines, and Uganda. They were orphans, and lived in treacherous conditions. But today, they sang about Gods grace and his love for them. It was wonderful to watch them dance and smile. Knowing that sponsorship from people like you and me provided them the opportunity to wear clean clothes, learn to read, and eat a balanced diet.

My prayer for 2018, is that I not forget the feeling I have today, as I sit in the donkeys pen watching him play with the goats. I pray that I greet each day with gratefulness and thanks.

Happy New Years from Picalily Farm.

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