Been a busy month!

December started out with my birthday, and quickly spiraled out of control from there. We spent the beginning of the month cleaning up the coop, barn and around the house for a Christmas Party. We were so excited to have our friends and family over this season. After our party came Christmas. This year, Santa brought Pippy, our littlest Chadwick, a new rabbit.

Welcome Cottontail, an adorable gray Holland Lop.

In the middle of all this, our family went on a tour to a local Miniature Hereford Farm and fell in love with some babies. After that trip, our cow preparations were put in overdrive. Today, Hubby drove 3 hours to pick up Alfalfa for the goats and some new hay for the potential cows. The drive proved to be the easy part…

We have a great hay loft in the barn and a belt that carries the hay from the ground up to the loft. However, that VERY HEAVY belt was located up in the loft and had to be lowered down to the ground (easy part) and then raised back up…NOT easy.

Needless to say, we will be purchasing a pulley system before we do this again tomorrow….

But check out our hay belt… pretty awesome!

And as you can see we had some that went easy, and some that didn’t…

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