You give a moose a muffin…

I don’t know about your house, but at mine the “you give a _____ a ____” is a BIG hit. It might have to do with my children’s love for muffins, cupcakes and cookies.

We have adapted the “if you….” phrase to a lot of different things around the house.

Well this morning I had my own adaptation.

If you…

go to the goat pen to collect poop at 7am…

You take your coffee with you.

Maggie will be curious about the coffee and want to see inside it..

So she will jump on your lap to get a closer look.

She will smack your hand, and make you jump up to save your caffeinated friend.

With the excitement of jumping she will also jump…

and land on your arm holding your coffee.

This will lead you to spill 3/4 of your coffee all over her.

You will get up and go to the tack room to get a towel.

And inevitably she will poop somewhere so you can’t see it

When you get back to dry her off she will have stolen your chair.

After drying her off she will try to eat your towel.

Once her belly is full on grain, alfalfa and towel she will wrestle with her sister.

Who will occasionally lick her… because she tastes like coffee.

Wrestling will distract her from pooping.

And I will have to wait 30 minutes in the goats pen with no coffee to collect poop.

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