Bribing their silence

For anyone with kids, or anyone that has been around kids (the two legged kind), you know when they want something, they will let you know.

They will ask/demand it. They will get in your face. They will pester. They will do whatever it takes to make you aware that they want something.

And if you are like me, you look for ways to distract them from what they want so they will stop asking for it.

The same principle applies to goats.

As I talked about earlier, we are in the process of weaning them from the bottle. This is not a fun process for any parties involved. The goats have expressed their dissatisfaction by standing at their fence and yelling at us anytime they see us. Heartbreaking.

So, last Sunday we attempted to bribe them.

Buddy had picked out a design for a goat tower/playground he had seen at a local museum. So, with our scrap wood from other house projects, we built the goats their very own playground!!

I regret to inform you that this has NOT eased their dissatisfaction. It has only given them a platform on which to yell at us from.

They do love it, and one day (hopefully soon) they will stop yelling at us and just play like nice, happy goats.

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