Now that the State Fair is over its time to wean the goats from their bottles. With temperatures getting colder in the mornings, you would think we would be excited to get them weaned, but we aren’t. It’s been so fun to have little bottle babies around the farm!

The goats aren’t very excited about the process either. They showed us at the fair that they are happy to eat their hay and grains, so we know they are ready, but they aren’t making it easy.

Right now we feed them 3 times a day. So we decided to cut back their lunch feeding until it was gone, then work on the other two.

So, yesterday was their first day with no lunch. Every time we went outside all we could hear was screaming and crying from the barn. Poor babies. I sent the kids out to play with them, hoping it would distract them, but they still weren’t very happy.

Wish us luck!!

On a happy note, our pole barn got finished this week. We highly recommend Va Carolina Builders!! They were quick, and built exactly what we wanted!!

Also, we are heading to a local Goat Producers Education day on Saturday. Our vet recommended it, and said it was a great place to learn more and meet people. We are really excited. Hopefully we can meet some hay producers so we can fill our barn up and start looking into cows….

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