Never a Dull day

Just as we thought we could take a break and unwind after the state fair, think again.

While at the fair we noticed that Sunnies’ horns were starting to resurface. Maggies’ head is still looking great and healing nicely, while Sunnie has two little buds poking through.

After doing some research (thank you Google), I learned the sooner you take care of RE-growth the better. So, I set up an appointment with WillowRun, as soon as possible.

Transporting our babies is becoming more difficult. For the fair we used Old White Van, and our Newfoundland’s dog crate, to get them around. That worked great, but you can’t take goats and 2 legged kids on a trip in a cargo van 🙂 So at 7:30am I was out in the garage setting up a Scout Junior tent to put in the back of the car!  Ingenious, if I do say so myself!!

After weighing the options at the vets office, we decided to do a local anesthetic and quick procedure, rather than putting Sunnie to sleep for the disbudding. So after a quick clipping, Dr Hammond brought us back our bundle of joy!

Her adorable cast got signed by the staff and our kiddos,

but sadly it didn’t survive the car ride home.

Now, thanks to her local anesthetic she is happily eating and playing with her sister. 🙂

Thank you Dr Hammond!!

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