State fair 2017

Up at 5am.

At the fair before 7am.

Show at 11am.

Back in the pen before 11:10…

Wow, that was a quick show, right? Awesome judge that wastes no time?

Amazing goats that were so perfect they stopped the show and awarded them first prize the minute they walked in the ring?

All wrong sadly.

What happened was….

We entered. Maggie got loose. Maggies’ halter got fixed and she was put back in. Sunnie got loose. Sunnies’ halter got fixed and put back in. Then, Maggie and Sunnie got loose and momma quit. (Actually, the judge kinda flared at me, and I decided that was my cue to pull my kids out).

The kids handled it well, and stayed to watch the friends across the aisle get first place, and then we headed back to our pens.

The goats ate, and acted like they weren’t completely unashamed of their behavior.

The kids ate, and asked when we can go on rides.

All is right with the world.

And sorry, there are no pictures of the action. We were a little busy…

Guess that pep talk didn’t work.

Here is our walk up to the show. I think they were already scheming.

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