Stand out in a crowd

I’m sure you have all seen the picture with the girls at ballet.

All the girls except one are doing the position properly, then there is the one that is hanging upside down on the bars. The purpose of the picture is to encourage kids to never be afraid to be different.

My kids took that picture to heart tonight.

We are only a few hours into our goat “show career”, and only a year into knowing there is such a thing as livestock showing! We learned SO much about showing cattle last year, and still had so much to learn.

This year, we knew the learning curve would be steep (especially since we had never even seen a goat show before) but I will admit, I didn’t think it would be this rough.

– The goats and 2 legged kids don’t like show halters, but you aren’t allowed to use rope halters in the ring.

– to rig the above show halter, you can use zip ties, key rings, or extra buckles. None of which we have.

– Our goats are so tiny and agile they are able to (and do) jump out of the pen that is supposed to keep them safe and contained.

– they make sweaters for goats… what?!

– and our most obvious lesson was about the kids wardrobe. When we showed cattle, the more bling and patterns, the better. Goat showing, however, does NOT follow the same philosophy. Goat showman all dress in white. White pants. White shirts. White belts.

What were our kids wearing you ask? Why red/black and purple/black plaid of course!

Now we couldn’t be the ONLY ones that didn’t get the white memo, right?


Check them out…

They are not afraid to be different, but we might be searching for white clothes when we get home.

To solve our agile jumping goat, and nighttime decrease in temperature problems, we searched our van for a solution.

Packing Quilts!

Lucky for us, our van is full of packing quilts and bungie cords!

Check out the goats new hotel…

So, we may not have goat sweaters, all white clothes, fancy collars or a clue of what we are doing, but we had a great first night.

And, we are very thankful to the nice goat-experienced lady across the aisle that gives us helpful tips and zip ties.

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