Our busy week continues

In addition to Daddy being out of town, picking up the chickens. and prepping the goats (and 2 legged kids) for the State Fair, construction has started on the house AND equipment shed.

We started planning our first floor master suite the day after we moved in. We met with the builder of our house, and he was excited to be back at the farm making it perfect for our family. Now, two months later, we are so excited that the work has begun!

Although we are all filled with anticipation to see the final product, our truck-loving, gadget-obsessed 5 year old, Buddy, is excited for the process.

This excitement was really evident yesterday when a second cement truck showed up unexpectedly. Buddy was out practicing with Maggie when it drove in. He quickly untied her, picked her up and started running (as fast a a 5 yr old can run with a 10 lb wiggling goat in his arms) across the parking lot to the barn. I met him halfway to the barn and relieved him of his goat so he could sprint to the front porch and watch the cement pouring process. It’s so fun to watch the world through the eyes of a child.

At the same time the side yard is being dug up for the addition, the supplies to build our equipment shed have been delivered. I find myself just staring into the backyard trying to imagine what it will look like this time next year… I pray that it will be filled with animals, a bountiful harvest, and most importantly. family and friends!

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