Tattoo day

The long awaited day is finally here.

After a pep talk from a goat-veteran at work, and watching multiple you-tube videos, I finally felt ready to tattoo the goats.

I’m very blessed to have friends at work that love my goats, and happily volunteered to come down and help. I needed their physical and moral support.

The kids, of course, were also very excited.

So, after double and triple checking their registration paperwork so I didn’t tag them wrong, we went for it!

Needless to say, there is ink everywhere but I think we did it. I will wash out their ears later today and hope that there is a beautiful tattoo in there.

After tattooing, the kids showed T and M around the farm and the house. T commented on how lucky my kiddos are that they get to grow up this way. I would agree, and add, that I think we are all really blessed.

(How funny is Maggie’s face?!)

And we can’t wait to dive into Best’s award winning sweet potatoes!!

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