Goat checkup

After picking up the goats we quickly realized we needed to find a livestock vet for our growing family. After doing some searching, and a recommendation from a trusted friend, we decided to check out Willow Run Vet Hospital in Smithfield.

From the minute we made the appointment, Bean was so excited to take the goats to see the vet. I’m pretty sure she was convinced that she would walk in the door and they would offer her a job based on her love for animals! So when the day finally came, we weren’t surprised to find her in her vet coat ready to go.

We haven’t perfected traveling with the babies yet. We only have XL dog carriers for the dogs and those only fit in our big van, but the kids can’t go in there. So we nestled them into the back of the Pilot and hit the road! They didn’t sleep like they did on their first car ride, so it was a loud and rowdy ride to the vet.

When we got there we had them hooked on their leashes and headed in. It was love first sight for most of the staff, who oooooh’d and aaaaaah’d all over the babies.

After their temperatures and weights were taken, the goats were already getting nervous for Dr. Hansen to come in, so we let them cuddle for a bit. Mom and I felt pretty awkward but it calmed the goats, so we stood there waiting…

Dr Hansen came in and was wonderful. She met all of us and quickly realized she was in the presence of a fellow vet(Bean), so she was happy to share the responsibilities of the goat physical assessments with Bean. Bean was taught how to assess for sickness by looking at the goats conjunctiva, got to listen to their heartbeat, and discussed the digestive system.

When it was all done they got an A+ and we made our appointment for next year. We had one homework assignment: scoop their poop so it can be assessed for its parasite load.

We were really impressed with Dr Hansen and are happy to be new members of Willow Run Vet. If you are in the Johnston County area, you should check them out!

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