Little beauties

I heard once that if you listen close enough, and you open your eyes to the world around you, God will use those moments to show you his beauty.

I’m finding, that my walk out to the chicken coop in the mornings, is a great time for my heart and head to be at peace, and I am open to His beauty.

The world is quiet.

My kids are still asleep (if I’m lucky).

The chickens are just waking up and haven’t started “chatting” yet.

The goats are still quietly snuggling under their rocking chair.

The dogs are quietly doing their morning duties, and the cats haven’t started fighting yet.

This morning, as I dragged my feet through the dew-laced grass enjoying the quiet, something caught my eye.

This really small, very intricate, beautiful little web. Then as I continued to walk I found many of them. All small. All covered in dew drops. All very beautiful. I honestly didn’t think too much of them until I got to the coop and looked up…

Like a chandelier it just hung there. Peaceful and beautiful.

In an hour the dew will evaporate and the web will likely be gone. The day will be in full swing, and we will be headed to science class. So for now, in the peace of the morning, I will soak up these little beauties as gift from God.

I hope you get a chance today to see and experience the beauty around you.

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